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Order the Vacuum Pump with Vacuum Chamber From Artmolds Img
The ArtMolds' Vacuum Chamber is designed for deairing (the process of eliminating ...
11/12 04:04
Make mold like a pro! Img
Mold making is the most common method for duplicating three-dimensional models or ...
11/02 05:28
Create bubble-free molds with vacuum pumps Img
Making molds necessitates the removal of air bubbles, sometimes known as ...
10/04 06:14
Various Uses of Sodium Silicate That are Helpful in Molds and Casts Img
Cements, passive fire protection, refractories, textile and timber manufacturing, ...
09/19 21:26
Would you like to create stylish name plates? Img
EnvironMolds has a large selection of name plate designs available on their ...
09/05 08:25
A Simple Solution to Plaster of Paris Casting Img
For mold making and casting, a useful tool that most artists prefer is the plaster ...
08/19 14:04
Hone your molding passion with ease Img
Plaster of Paris bandages is extremely useful tools when it comes to molding and ...
08/04 06:36
Spark your creativity with clay modeling Img
Clay modeling can be a gratifying task if you are doing it for the first time and ...
07/19 02:17
What good is art without branding? Img
A favorite ceramic vase was given by your office, accidentally broke. Restoring the ...
07/04 14:01
Various uses of premium liquid latex from EnvironMolds Img
Buy liquid latex at Environmolds to create some of the finest special effect ...
06/17 09:56
Versatile Molding Done Safely Img
Extensively used in dentistry, alginate-based white powder is mixed with water ...
06/04 11:06
Clay Modeling has Therapeutic Advantages Img
Clay models are also used extensively for casting. Being safe, they can be used by ...
05/19 03:02
Your Ideal Kit for a Bubble Free Mold Img
To assure a bubble-free mold, you will need vacuum pump with vacuum chamber. It can ...
05/04 07:41
Getting Name Plates Engraved in Style Img
When you have the name plated engraved for your office or residential place, it ...
04/02 08:04
Importance of Alginate in Mold Making Img
Given the abundance of availability and the unique characteristics, Alginate is one ...
03/17 06:44
Why need plaster bandages for mold making? Img
There will forever be a need for the use of plaster bandages amongst the mold ...
03/04 05:26
Amazing Silicon Paint Colors For Silicon Molds Img
Looking for that exact blush on your latest cast? Find exciting Cirius Silicone ...
02/21 13:20
Using vacuum pump to create bubble-free molds Img
Eliminating air bubbles, or ‘deairing’ as popularly called, is needed to make ...
02/04 12:42
Creating Life Casts with The Finest Kits Img
EnvironMolds specializes in mold making and casting materials. With the finest Life ...
01/19 12:20
Get Crystal Clear Molds with Pressure Pot for Resin Casting Img
No bubbles, no air traps with the uniquely engineered Pressure Pot for Resin ...
01/03 13:33
Getting name plates engraved in style Img
When you have the name plated engraved for your office or residential property, it ...
12/20 07:42
Creating Casts with Realistic Finish Img
Casting resins are divided into polyester, epoxy and polyurethane resins. ...
12/07 00:33
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