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Image Annotation : A Quick Insight into How We at Cogito Annotate Images
A major step in the development of computer vision systems, AI-based machine ...
07/19 07:34
Making Headway for AI-Enabled Healthcare Systems with Accurate Machine ...
Looking at modern societies, we find that their daily life system is primarily ...
06/30 08:30
Big data can provide better and more personalized care for patients.
Healthcare big data processing may give patients better, more tailored treatment. ...
06/20 08:03
Leveraging AI and Machine Learning Technology For Medical Imaging
Since early detection of breast cancer is the only way to restore well-being, ...
05/26 07:34
How AI Generated Faces Can Affect Your Business Reputation
Deepfake is an artificial intelligence program that generates movies, images, and ...
04/18 07:41
Best Image Annotation & Recognition Services with Pixel Perfection
Marking every image with focused image annotation service to measure the dimensions ...
03/28 08:10
Who are machine learning professionals?
Every time we create a machine learning model, we feed it with data to train it. ...
03/23 08:06
Methods of Video Segmentation in Security and Surveillance Applications
Camera surveillance has become increasingly important as digital video technology ...
02/24 02:32
Where will Data Labeling and Collection Market Be 5 Years From Now?
You must offer correctly organized and labeled data to the algorithms to construct ...
02/18 05:26
Top-6 Data Annotation Companies Img
The discipline of data annotation and labeling is growing in popularity and ...
12/27 06:49
How does text sentiment analysis work ? Img
Opinion mining, sentiment mining, and subjectivity analysis are all terms used to ...
11/01 05:49
KYC Outsourcing Services Img
The process of acquiring appropriate identifying information about a service's ...
09/20 07:36
Five Popular Computer Vision Annotation Tools for Object Detection Img
Computer vision is an artificial intelligence subset that focuses on teaching ...
09/08 08:38
Smart waste management using artificial intelligence Img
The amount of waste generated in the world amounted to billions (metric tons) in ...
08/05 05:58
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